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Black Bubble Pink Expression

Pink expression of elegance...

In a search for perfection and quality we created our delicious fruity Black Bubbles Strawberry. Black Bubbles strawberry offers a deep pink colour with highlights of copper and elegant golden effervescence. This generous wine offers an astonishingly long and subtle finish. It is extremely delicate and is distinguished by great freshness.  Black Bubbles Strawberry leaves behind an ethereal sensation.

Black Bubbles Strawberry moment is sparkling, happiness and flavour. It gives you the opportunity to fill any day with colour and freshness and the elegance and finesse of an unwavering style.  In our Black Bubbles Strawberry we taste an elegant delicacy, it is sweet with juicy strawberry aroma, excellent effervescence and a delightful finish.

So if enjoying only the very best , only drink our Black Bubbles Pink Expression.

APPEARANCE: It is graced with a luminous rose colour, shot through with glints of pale orange. Its fine, lively sparkle lends it an intense freshness.

NOSE: The nose is extremely elegant and at first reveals flavours of ripe strawberry that burst on the tongue. 

You can feel the fragrances of ripe strawberries and juicy and generous blend.

PALATE: Authentic character of strawberry, which perfectly express its elegant fruity flavour if served between 4-6 °C .

CONTENT: 0,75 l

ALCOHOL (Alc. % vol.): 13%


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