Queens Champagne

Dark PassionExtra Brut

Our fresh and delicate sensation with a vibrant and fresh taste. This sparkling wine is very aromatic and rich in taste. It is a masterpiece  of luxourious elegance and exquisite finesse.

It is an extremely dry, well-aged sparkling wine made from base wines from only the finest years, from chardonnay, which gives a delicate and refined character. This sparkling wine has a surprisingly refreshing acidity.

It is a wine with elegance and decadacy that combines seemingly opposing characteristics to create a uniquely harmonious taste experience. Dark Passion Extra Brut is a full bodied wine with a fine structure that displays style and elegance at every occasion.

With its dry and supple flavors Dark Passion Extra Brut is the stamp of nobility.


APPEARANCE: Dark Passions fresh aromas combine the impression of vitality and luxurious scents, together with smooth fruitiness. It is deliciously complex and nicely dry.

NOSE: Lovely open stylish fruity nose.

PALATE: The palate is active but settled, soft and refreshing. Sparkle is lively, mouthfilling and exciting.  The finish is long, dry and full of character.

CONTENT: 0,75 l

ALCOHOL (Alc. % vol.): 12 %


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